Riding The Low / Joseph Hooligan – Rock City, Nottingham: Live Review

Riding The Low / Joseph Hooligan – Rock City, Nottingham – 12th May 2023

riding the low

You may well know Paddy Considine as one of the country’s best actors, having been on our screens in a variety of roles – including his recent starring role in the international smash House Of The Dragon – for around 20 years. What Considine should be equally recognized for is being the charismatic singer of rock band, Riding The Low, who he has fronted since 2006. What we are witness to tonight is a great rock and roll show, with more passion than you can shake a stick – or should that be baseball bat – at.

The evening is opened by support act, Joseph Hooligan. A high energy show provides the perfect start to the proceedings, as Hooligan and the band work through an ear-ringing setlist, including opener Watch Me Die and later Waste of Fucking Time. Proper punk titles. Proper punk act. Definitely worth checking out.

Shortly after Hooligan’s set, most of Riding The Low take to the stage for a quick tune up, followed soon after by frontman Considine. Dressed in matching black jeans and flower-patterned shirts, the band open with crowd-pleasing She Wanted To Be Burned, followed by The Road (which has the crowd singing along), both from their 2013 debut What Happened To The Get To Know Ya?

Now three albums in, the band is able to cherry-pick songs from a range of material, including 2016s Here To Help The Neighbourhood and 2022’s The Death of Gobshite Rambo. And as enjoyable as the albums may be in their own right (do check them out), it can’t be stated enough how much the songs really do come to life when played live, with their rawer and edgier sound.

In addition to the great sound in Rock City – there’s a reason it’s recognised as one of the best live music venues in the country – the show is also an incredibly visual and immersive experience, with Considine particularly transforming over the course of the concert; from his recognizable looks to someone else completely. Covered in face paint. And fake blood. Manically banging drums. Wielding and swinging a baseball bat. Or shouting into a megaphone. The band are fantastic musicians, but it’s difficult to take your eyes off the frontman because you have no idea what he will do next – and I would wager neither does he.

There are many highlights of the show. Too many to list. Standouts have to be the intense and manic Heed, Carapace of Glass, for which the band is joined by Hooligan, and The Last Great Wow, which closes the main set and sees Considine out in the crowd, in front of a neon sign showing the words Fuck It. Apt.

A three song encore brings this memorable night to a close, and the band – The Low Rider, Skelegog, Butch Mystique, Tactile Sasquatch and Ditty Man as they are otherwise known – who have put on a memorable show, now have a short break before their next show at Leeds Brudenell on 1st July – if you have the chance, get yourself to Leeds and ride the low. You won’t be disappointed.

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