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Arð is the solo project of Winterfylleth‘s Mark Deeks. In June, he will play an exceptionally special show in Huddersfield entitled Organic Doom. The show will see Arð perform their epic debut record, Take Up My Bones, accompanied by a pipe organ. It will be a unique opportunity to see the crushing doom of Arð, supported by Pantheist, accompanied by the mighty pipe organ of Huddersfield Town Hall performed by David Pipe.

A completely never to be forgotten doom experience will see special guests join the Arð set in the form of Aaron Stainthorpe (My Dying Bride – narrator) and Jeff Singer (ex Paradise Lost, ex My Dying Bride – drums).

In celebration of this wonderfully unique event, Mark takes us on a trip through some of his favourite doom metal albums.

Funeral – From These Wounds

I wish I was on commission for the number of people I’ve told to listen to this album over the years. One of my favourite records of all time, despite being a bit of an unusual sound, even within Funeral’s own catalogue.

Low, baritone harmonies with a unique voice, a seemingly endless supply of mournful guitar melodies, mean that even a slightly bizarre production can’t hold back a set of songs I’ve never remotely got tired of listening to. A huge influence on the sound of Arð.

Colosseum – Chapter 1 Delirium

I was late to the party discovering Colosseum, but became fully immersed when they eventually crossed my radar.

An utterly huge death doom sound, with an ability to make huge, long songs never get tired and always hold your interest.

Dive in.

Swallow the Sun – Morning Never Came

An album I will always be hugely fond of. I discovered Swallow The Sun when the preview track for this debut album was released and instantly fell in love with their ability to combine crushing heaviness and heart-breaking melodies. They became one of “my” bands I wanted to tell everyone about. They’ve gone on to make some great records, but the debut will always be special.

Shape of Despair – Monotony Fields

A record surely destined to go down as a classic of the funeral doom genre if it hasn’t already. An absolute essential in every doom fan’s collection.

Kraken Duumvirate – The Stars Below The Seas Above

One of the most unique albums I’ve ever heard. Part Mournful Congregation, part Jesu. I’m willing this to get a vinyl release one day.

Everyone should give this one a chance.

Pallbearer – Sorrow and Extinction

With a sound combining elements of traditional epic doom, but also other bands like Isis, Cult of Luna and maybe even a hint of sludge, few newer bands have packed a punch quite like this. Everyone should see Pallbearer live once.

Top band.

Pilgrim – Misery Wizard

Sadly only having left us two albums before their singer died in 2017, this album and this band were sort of a “partner” band to Pallbearer for me, having discovered them both around the same time. With the slow part of a Sabbath influence to their sound more to the fore, Misery Wizard is a record that really embodies the crushing weight of bands like Reverend Bizarre but at 5 miles an hour, you can really lose yourself in the woe, but come out still feeling uplifted.

While Heaven Wept – Of Empires Forlorn

Soaring. Epic. Melodic. For some too cheesy.

They’re wrong. A glimmering diamond of a record.

Fvneral Fvkk – Carnal Confessions

Yes it’s a ridiculous name. But don’t let that put you off.

Soaring, epic, crushing, and a superb ear for a melody.

One of the best doom records in recent years.

Mournful Congregation – The Incubus of Karma

If you’ve never immersed yourself in the music of Mournful Congregation before, I recommend starting with this one and working backwards in their catalogue till your soul can’t take the suffocating heaviness anymore! By this point in their career, their ear for a mournful melody had started to come more to the fore, and this record makes this list for the stunning, intertwining, soaring lead guitar lines of the last 4 and half minutes of “Whispering Spiritscapes”. Doom never felt this uplifting.

You can buy tickets for the show in Huddersfield, here. Arð have been writing and recording the follow up to Take Up My Bones, and have just issued a re-press of the debut record.


And you can take a listen to Arð below.

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