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My Sister My Brother – Another Life: Single Review

New single from US super-duo My Sister My Brother redefines the phrase “A breath of fresh air”

Release Date: 26th May 2023

Label: 333 Entertainment

Formats: Download, Streaming

My Sister My Brother is the duo formed by Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Garrison Starr and her sometime partner, singer/songwriter Sean McConnell. Both are well-known as independent solo performers, each famed for the quality of their songwriting and their forthright vocal styles. Together, as My Sister My Brother, they raise the stakes to a whole new level, with their rapturous vocal harmonies.

The pair first wrote together during a ‘songwriting retreat’ and their combination worked so well that they emerged with the heartwarming Nothing Without You, a song that was to become a cornerstone of the duo’s self-titled 2020 debut EP. Now, Garrison and Sean are looking towards the future; a full-length album is in the pipeline for release later this year – in September, in fact – and the tasters for that album are starting to ease out into circulation. Last month saw the emergence of the first of those singles – Cry Me A River – and, now, along comes the newie, the bright, fresh Another Life.

My Sister My Brother. photo: Joshua Black Williams

Of the new single, and, indeed, of their partnership, Garrison has this to say: “Another Life was a fun song to write. It felt unexpected musically as it was coming out. Almost like the ghosts of our heroes were singing and playing through us. Sean and I have joked a lot about how we may have been separated at birth, so we explored some of that idea in this song. It has a spontaneity about it that I love.”

And the song itself? Well – I’ve already used the words “fresh and bright” to describe it; Think of The Doobie Brothers in their best California freeway mood, and you’ll get the picture. The strummed acoustic guitars shimmer with a vibrancy that you can almost see, and the lyrics are full of joyful recollections. Garrison delivers a delicious lead vocal, whilst those famed harmonies are given a full and free rein during the chorus. Summer is here, and My Sister My Brother have come up with the season’s theme just in time!

Watch the official video to Nothing Without You, the song that started the ball rolling for My Sister My Brother, here:

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