Stitched Up Heart – To The Wolves: Album Review

Stitched Up Heart deliver their third full length offering with To The Wolves.

Released: 1st September 2023
Label: Century Media
Format: CD / Digital

Stitched Up Heart is an American rock band known for their powerful and emotionally charged music. Formed in Los Angeles, California in 2010, the band has captivated audiences around the world with their unique blend of hard rock, alternative metal, and industrial influences. Led by the talented and charismatic vocalist Alecia “Mixi” Demner, Stitched Up Heart has gained recognition for their intense live performances and deeply personal songwriting.

To The Wolves is the third album from Stitched Up Heart and sees the band further their unique mix. From the off, To The Wolves does not relent. ‘I’m not afraid to show you all my teeth,’ sings Mixi on the title track; which features Craig Mabbitt of Escape The Fate. It is a bold start to the album, but one that grab the attention. Thunder has an introduction that evokes The Pretty Reckless in the vocal delivery.

Possess Me has been cited as the most personal song that the band have written. A deathcore style musical breakdown in the middle part of the song is preceded by a fierce ‘Come and get me,’ growl. Possess Me also showcases Mixi’s trademark shriek. It is intense and unwavering.

Immortal has a bit of a djent-y vibe in some of the rhythms after it thrashes out of the traps. Electronic licks that adorn Immortal and the album as a whole add a nice texture. This ensures Stitched Up Heart stand out without throwing it in your face. A subtle and retrained use of these aspects of the music is masterful. On the flip side, Part Of Me has a strong electronic feel. The intro is one that you might find on a Depeche Mode record.

Taste For Blood has a clean vocal chorus with growls underpinning the vocals. It has a little bit of Within Temptation in the mix. It’ll certainly prove a big hitter when Stitched Up Heart get out touring in support of the album. Dead Inside allows the guitars to flourish a little more with a little bit of a twin sound. The Architect is a highlight of the album; it has a really twisted feel with manipulated vocals, swishing guitar riffs and again, sheer ferocity from Mixi.

The song writing on To The Wolves is very tight throughout. All of the songs are of a digestible length and there isn’t much fat around the edges. For those that are fans, the whole album is exhilarating and energetic and one that is surely going to get pulses pounding and heads banging. Stitched Up Heart also have a very strong visual aesthetic, as you can see in their music videos. Could To The Wolves be their step up? Quite possibly.

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