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Cold In Berlin are set to release their new album on October 11th. It is a stark and devastatingly good record that really evokes the bands name. Before that release though, the band’s guitarist, Adam Richardson, shares his love of Electric Wizard in the latest in our Why I Love series.

Electric Wizard

Why do we love Electric Wizard…first of all their attitude. They clearly do not give a fuck! Everything great about them seems to flow from this. Their look, their approach to live shows and recordings all bear the mark of a group who are at ease with themselves although probably not the state of the world. But of course it is their rib cracking heavy riffs mixed with their love of vintage horror that situates them as a (bizarrely) quintessentially English band. Like Hammer Horror, warm ale in an old pub, or rain on a muddy field, they are my idea of England.

Ascend dark wooded hills to Kane. Your mothers witches burnt at the stake for sorcery.

Electric Wizard – Dunwich
Cold In Berlin

I was a late but zealous convert. It was Witchcult Today that got it’s hooks into me in early 2008. It’s such a hypnotic record, there’s such a dense atmosphere to it. Layers upon layers of chaos and drugged out solos and feedback and organs. We joke that the entire album is one riff, but what a riff!  Frontman Jus Oborn recalls wanting to make the heaviest 60s album. To achieve that sonic time warp they recorded at the pure analogue ToeRag studios, four years after The White Stripes recorded Elephant there.

Hail covens this is it. A 1000 amps toll the end time riff.

Electric Wizard – A Chosen Few

The moment when it clicked for me was probably when I saw them live for the first time at the Scala in September 2009. They had a strong line up at the time, all denim patch-coats and Doom! It was a great set with punishing low-end.

Raise your fists; now you exist. The bell of doom strikes 13th hour.

Electric Wizard – A Chosen Few

Electric Wizard inspired the band to do more with less. Sparse arrangements and repetition is a choice not a lack of imagination. Heavy gauges, down-tuning, vintage amps, certain combo amps can produce some evil tones. All the iconography of the scene is very cool but also fun. Like a Shane Horror poster.

Clawing from the grave my batwings spread. Their blood filled with drugs, so high, so dead.

Electric Wizard – Satanic Rites Of Drugula

Jus Oborn has some positive thoughts on Metal, Doom and community which I take to heart. He expresses his life saving commitment to the scene in this surprising interview with – all people – Psychology Today. It kinda subverts the idea that they’re misanthropic shut-ins.

Every strike another plunging of the knife. Mistakes I’ve made lead me to an early grave. I know it’s too late I can’t be saved.

Electric Wizard – Saturnine

A selection of my favourite Electric Wizard songs include; Witchcult Today, We Live, The Chosen Few, Black Mass, Dunwitch and I Am Nothing. They also have great artwork. Time To Die is one of my favourite album covers of their with it’s Frankenstein monster mash-up.

Electric Wizard are the essential English Doom band. Black Sabbath had a 50 year career. Electric Wizard have crossed the 25 year mark and I hope they have 25 more.

Many thanks to Adam for taking the time to share his love of Electric Wizrd. You can listen to Cold In Berlin’s latest single below. Their new album, Rituals Of Surrender, is released on October 11th via New Heavy Sounds.

Cold In Berlin: Official Website / Bandcamp / Facebook / Twitter

Electric Wizard: Official Website / Facebook

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