The Sherlocks – Under Your Sky: Album Review

Released: 4th October 2019

Formats: CD / LP / DD / DSP

Label: Infectious Music / BMG

The difficult second album cliche can be easily applied to any band, especially one that has tasted success and needs to build. The band’s debut album went top 10 in the UK. Luckily, The Sherlocks bridge the cliche gap and deliver a fun slice of upbeat indie rock.

Under Your Sky is full of great lyrics, warm sentiments, uplifting music and ultimately, joy.

There are definate nods to the masters of this style of rock music; The Killers, Arcade Fire, Bruce Springsteen and U2 are names that it’s hard not to cite as reference points.

Give It All Up has a beautiful opening that you can envisage serenading many a festival field. The clever use of backing vocals make for a clean and simply built song that really hits the mark.

Chiming guitars ring out throughout the album. The aforementioned Give It All Up has a great lead melody, Waiting has a simple motif that is straight from the playbook of The Edge and the upbeat Magic Man again evokes U2 at their chest beating best.

I Want It All opens the album. The lyrics to the song about singing along to James in field, looking to the heavens and generally lusting after all and sundry is full of optimism.

Reference points from the veterans are definitely there, but there is also a little of more contemporary bands such as Editors and White Lies. Whilst the band never veer as close to the darkness as these bands do, the passion that is delivered in the vocals is similar. The vocal to Time To Go really is a joy to listen to. A fuzzy guitar solo also gives the song a different slant to much of the other material here.

The Sherlocks do create their own unique mix. They have a lot of talent for creating catchy songs. The title track of the album also shows that they have an epic or two in them. A contemplative lyric and slow build up leads to a huge ending. The guitar sounds massive and again the vocals sound like they had huge stadiums on their minds. Pounding drums and wailing guitar build the track into a euphoric frenzy to top of a really excellent album.

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