GosT – Valediction: Album Review

Release Date: 4th October 2019

Format: CD / LP / DD / DSP

Label: Century Media

Mystery surrounds GosT. Embodying the character of Baalberith, this propulsive synthwave solo project channels a fascination with the occult, John Carpenter and 80’s slasher flicks.


From the off, Valediction is a visceral trip. It thunders in with cavern scraping black metal vocals and frightful blast beats on first track, Relentless Passing. As a tone setter, you’d expect the rest of the album to be pure, orthodox black metal, however the gradual shift to the dark synth sound that ensues. ensures that you’d be completely wrong (although the shift back to the black metal aesthetic towards the end of the opening is completely face melting).

Atmospheric is just one of many ways in which this album could be described. The layers of synth sounds ensure that there is a feeling of space in many of the tracks, but the flip side is that the claustrophobia that GosT can create is unnerving. Wrapped In Wax uses both sides of this coin with pulsing beats, dogs snarling, and industrially heavy synth mixed together. Add into that some more ferocious vocals, and there is an unholy mix to contend with.

Dreadfully Pious sees a lighter sound with gothic vocals, and a more recognisable dance beat. The high pitched synth is reminiscent of Gary Numan’s earlier material. Timeless Turmoil lives up to its title with extremely heavy drums and distorted glitchy vocals creating unease.

Bloody Roses and She Lives In Red Light are the most Depeche Mode moments here with passionate vocals and catchy hooks in abundance. The latter could have sound tracked Stranger Things. Call Of The Faithful is a huge epic with a towering beat and waves upon waves of dense electronic sounds.

The whole of Valediction is great fun, and on one level it conjures up images of clubs at 3am when people are ready to lose their minds and give up their souls to the music as lights pulse and bodies bounce around. On another level it is as dark as music can get; the depths of hell can be plundered through the fiery music produced here.

GosT has garnered a loyal following within the rock and metal community worldwide due to the black metal aesthetic. Apart from playing his own headlining tours in Europe and North America he has used the interest from his growing fan base to hit the road with the likes of diverse acts such as Pertubator, Carpenter Brut, 3TEETH, Pallbearer, Black Dahlia Murder, Power Trip, Khemmis, Havok and Skeletal Remains.

Be sure to give Valediction a listen if you are any way interested in electronic music, or metal music alike. Fans of Pertubator, Gary Numan, Mayhem, Carpenter Brut and Nine Inch Nails could all find enjoyment in the darkness here.

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