Dynatron – Origins: Album Review

Dynatron form the sound to eternal space exploration on Origins, their new album through Blood Music.

Released: 15th October 2021

Label: Blood Music

Format: CD / Vinyl / Digital

Origins is the third album from Danish synth artist, Dynatron (the alias of Jeppe Hasseriis). Heavily influenced by science fiction and a sound akin to acts like GosT, Pertubator and Carpenter Brut, Dynatron continue to create music that explores the many realms of the galaxy.

Warm synths open the album in true prologue fashion. A New Place rolls around for just a minute or so before the journey beings properly. A Close Encounter starts with sinister and less enticing sounds before the crooks of the title become reality with heavier synths and a dastardly guitar sound that evokes a feeling of terror throughout.

The title track reduces the threat with a slow build that gives perspective and calm. Layered on top of the calm tempo is a catchy melody that gives ease. This is followed by The Portal; once again, there is a level of menace. Shrill synths awaken the senses before the pulsing tempo throbs throughout.

The brilliant cover art for Origins.

Tumbling Upwards offers sounds that attempt to bring weightlessness to the music. The piece rises gradually as the layers again build subtly. Before the closing strains of the song, the drums breakdown in a calm but epic fashion. Future floats in beautifully and holds the calming pace throughout but this sums up the nature of the album. Again, the drums add to the drama.

Like A Close Encounter, Uncertain Destiny brings an element of agita which moves from the feeling of uncertainty towards security and back again. The control and restraint that Dynatron show in their music is to be lauded. As the album moves towards its end, The Machine feels like the natural conclusion before Epilogue ends the record in the way it began.

There is an awful lot to love here but one of the best things Origins is the runtime. At 45 minutes, it is the perfect length for such an intergalactic journey meaning that not once does the album meander; it has an urgency and dynamism that tells the stories contained herein. If you are a fan of the aforementioned bands or acts like Magic Sword or John Carpenter, then Origins is a record that will work for you.

Check out Origins from Dynatron on Bandcamp, below.

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