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We are delighted to announce that At The Barrier’s favourite Brooklynite, the one and only Annie Keating, will be back on these shores in September and October for a set of shows that, we have no doubt, will build on the success of her visit earlier this year.

Regular At The Barrier readers will be well aware that we’ve developed quite a liking for Brooklyn’s Annie Keating. Her 2021 album, Bristol County Tides, took us by storm and, since then, it seems that she’s been an almost constant presence within these pages. In February of this year, we were knocked out be her anthem of optimism, Twenty-22, a single which is, so far, probably my song of the year and then, in March, came Feels Like Home, yet another cracker. And if that wasn’t enough, Annie graced these shores with her presence back in April and, after months of rhapsodizing over those wonderful songs, we were able to see her for real. I was fortunate to be at Chapel Arts Centre, Bath on Saturday 2nd April, when Annie and her band shook that old venue almost to its regency foundations.

Annie Keating with her 2022 touring band. Clockwise from top left: Joe Coombs (guitar); Scott Warman (bass); Annie; Jamie Dawson (drums)

And, whether you missed out on the chance to see Annie in the spring or, if, like me, you enjoyed the wonderful experience of an Annie Keating show, the good news is that she’ll be back soon for a tour that starts in Melton Mowbray on 23rd September and ends in Stranraer on 2nd October. And, if you’re based across the Irish Sea from here, she’ll also be doing a set of Irish dates, starting in Belfast on 4th October and ending in Derry on 9th October. I can’t emphasise this strongly enough – miss these shows at your peril! We’ll certainly be there….

On four of the tour dates (Saltaire, Manchester, Helmsley and Cockermouth), Annie will be joined by Demi Marriner – the UK-based Americana singer/songwriter who, like Annie herself, is a firm favourite of the one and only Bob Harris.

To tie in with the tour, Annie will be releasing a couple of singles and the first of these, the magnificent Sunshine Parade, will be with us very, very soon. I’ve had a sneaky preview and I can say that it’s up there with Twenty-22 as a contender for the best thing that I’ve heard all year. Check it out – I’m sure that you’ll agree that an Annie Keating show will be the place to go this autumn!

You can buy tickets via the link here.

Listen again to Twenty-22, Annie Keating’s February 2022 single, here:

Annie Keating Online: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube

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